Olympic Sized Complaints

10 August, 2012 10:51  Erin Erin

American TV watching

I've been hearing something from across the ocean. On Facebook and Twitter, from friends and family, from the news and the gossip columns... 

Americans hate the Olympic coverage.

This familiar complaint has come up at practically every Olympics, which makes it no less frustrating. The TV monopoly, delayed showings, heavy focus on American events, and issues with even online showings has had the populace particularly livid. A recent Gallup poll only made official what most people have been feeling,

"Gallup: People want Olympics televised live and in prime time"



7 Things That Are Wrong With USA Olympic Wear

27 July, 2012 10:59  Erin Erin

"What is that!?" was my first response at the unveiling of the official U.S. Opening Ceremony look. Designed by Ralph Lauren, these seem all wrong to me. Our 530 athletes will be appearing on July 27th in these: 

US Opening Ceremony Outfit



Fitting into the Expat World

18 July, 2012 12:16  Erin Erin

I am that special type of crazy expat that repatriated back to America, only to move back to Berlin 2 years later. Friends and family were incredulous. They were less surprised that I was returning to expat life, than that I was returning to expat life in the same city I had lived in before. 

departing Seattle Airport

  2nd time is a charm?



Make Your Expat Debut on House Hunters International

13 July, 2012 11:59  Erin Erin

One, two, three... video camera


Are you ready for your close up? American TV show House Hunters International is casting expats (recent or future) looking to rent or buy a property in a new country.

The show follows individuals, couples, or families searching for a new home abroad. Each broadcast shows a slice of expat life as the family looks at three prospective properties. In the final moments of the show, the property reveals their pick and the proud owners provide a tour of the home and their new life.

If  you are ready to take the TV stage, learn more about the show and how to apply at

"American TV Show Casting Expats!"


Where Are My Sparklers?

09 July, 2012 17:04  Erin Erin

You wake up and know this day is special, but no one else does. Making breakfast, brushing your teeth, going to work... all these ordinary acts when it's supposed to be a holiday. Don't you Germans know-

It's 4th of JULY




International Food on Wheels

13 June, 2012 14:05  Erin Erin

Does it seem like I write about food a lot? I do write about food a lot. A girls's gotta eat right? And an American expat in Germany comes across a lot of crazy food.

Seattle taco truck

A recent news story from the New York Times caught my attention.

Food Trucks in Paris? U.S. Cuisine Finds Open Minds, and Mouths

"In France, there is still a widespread belief that the daily diet in the United States consists of grossly large servings of fast food. But in Paris, American food is suddenly being seen as more than just restauration rapide. Among young Parisians, there is currently no greater praise for cuisine than “très Brooklyn,” a term that signifies a particularly cool combination of informality, creativity and quality.



American Export: the Jersey Shore

31 May, 2012 13:41  Erin Erin

Jersey ShoreThere are many reasons Americans are viewed unfavorably abroad. The export of the reality television show "The Jersey Shore" can't be helping.

The series began by following the lives of eight housemates at the Jersey Shore in the United States. It's unprecedented popularity surprised everyone. The show was immersed in controversy regarding it's depiction of Italian-American stereotypes, pointless cycle of GTL (gym, tan, laundry) and endless binge drinking. It is possibly one of the tackiest things that has ever made it onto the small screen.

I say all this as if I didn't watch it. I did. It was hard to look away, a stuptifyingly stupid soap opera drama. Apparently, I am far from alone. Dubbed a "cultural phenomenon" the series has garnered record ratings for MTV. It is the network's most viewed series telecast ever with around 9 million viewers tuning into the show. As season 5 is set to start with the promise of at least one more season, Jersey Shore seems unstoppable.



Living Abroad on Mother's Day

23 May, 2012 13:18  Erin Erin

One of the difficulties of living abroad is that you are not just starting a new life, you're also leaving a life behind. That includes cultural norms, friends, and - above all - family. I was once again reminded of my abandonment on the second Sunday of May, Mother's Day (as celebrated in the United States).

What to get my mom? What she wants - spending time with me - used to be the easiest gift. Now that this gift is unattainable, I need to get more creative.

Possible Mother's Day gifts from abroad:

  • Phone Call - The next best thing to being there is to hear your voice. Inexpensive, and easy to do.
  • Flowers Delivery - Always a nice touch, this allowa her to show off a bit at work.
  • Visit - The best gift is a visit from you. 



American Snacks Gone Global

11 May, 2012 15:04  Erin Erin

It's funny that no matter how far you go, some things never leave you. The taste of your first oreo. Your mom fixing a bowl of your favorite cereal before school. Lazy football Sundays with overflowing bowls of potato chips. American classics. So what is the rest of the world doing to our favorite treats?

ABC 7 news reports on "American snacks with a twist take off Abroad"

"Russians prefer their Lay's potato chips dusted in caviar and crab flavors. The Chinese like their Oreos stuffed with mango and orange cream. And in Spain, Kellogg's All-Bran cereal is served floating in hot coffee instead of cold milk."



May Day in Berlin and Beyond

02 May, 2012 14:50  Erin Erin

may day berlin

May Day didn't have any meaning for me in the States. If pressed, the only thing that would come to mind is the May pole with happy villagers dancing around it. Ribbons and flowers and all that nonsense.



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