American Baby Abroad

13 March, 2015 08:32  Erin Erin

Matilda baby abroad You may have noticed a little radio silence on this blog recenlty. Actually, a lot. I apologize, but I promise I have a good reason. A really adorable reason.

I had a baby. Abroad. In Berlin, Germany specifically.  (More)


Find the latest posts from bloggers in your area!

01 September, 2014 11:43  Erin Erin

Berlin latest blog postsCan I brag about a new feature on BlogExpat for a minute?

When I first moved abroad, I made no effort to research expat blogs. Blindly, I stumbled my way through my new life in Berlin. But my work with EasyExpat & BlogExpat clarified how helpful reading about other expat's experiences can be. These are people who have been there, done that, survived and are sharing their advice.



Where to Watch the 2014 World Cup in Berlin

12 June, 2014 08:03  Erin Erin

Watch 2014 World Cup in BerlinA true turncoat to America and American football, I'll be rooting for the home team in the 2014 World Cup. In my case - that means the Nationalmannschaft (German team)!

I don't know how you could miss the lead-up, but for the uninitiated the 2014 World Cup starts today (June 12th, 2014). The opening game will be held in São Paulo at 17:00 (local time) which means 22:00 German time. Games will hop-scotch around Brazil until the finale on Sunday, July 13th. That means I am likely to find myself watching football (or fussball here in Germany) for the next month whether I like it or not.



America Week at a Berlin Grocery Store

29 January, 2014 08:17  Erin Erin

America Week Lidl Uh-oh. I saw the advertisement as soon as I entered the Berlin grocery store. Red, white & blue. A woman dressed like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz? Promises of Super Flips, Amerikanos and Rib must be


A weird conglomeration of what Germans think Americans eat, this is a bizarre collection of cross-cultural food.

MCENNEDY is a private brand well-known to Americans in Germany and much of Europe. Their vaguely wrong American-esque name and products give you hope of finding those US goodies you miss before destroying all moderate expectations. Instead of the BBQ sauce, popcorn and Mexican food you crave, they sell things that are just weird. Mallow Cakes? Carmel popcorn yogurt? Again I say - Super Flips? Serves us right for trusting anything with a Statue of Liberty brandished on every package.

Here is my verdict on "edible or not" from a selection of goods at my Lidl's America Week:



What's in My Fridge? Berlin Edition

14 November, 2013 08:20  Erin Erin

Peter Menzel Germany photoI was intrigued by Peter Menzel 's book, Hungry Planet: What the World Eats. His project depicts a week of groceries for families around the globe. When I posed the question to our expats,

"What's in Your Fridge?"

Several expats shared their stories and pictures of eating abroad. From France to South Korea to Slovakia, expats shared their favorite foods and things they miss.



Political Awareness as an Expat

19 September, 2013 09:16  Erin Erin

Berlin political sign 2 There is something in the air in Germany. Not just the cold burst of frigid winter winds that has us cowering beneath our massive scarves - something is up. 

Casual talk has taken on an undertone of urgency and through my broken German I hear muttered words like Piraten, Kanzlerkandidaten and Merkel tossed about with abandon. Signs are littered over the city. Political chatter consumes the TV and radio. Even clueless me can see it's election season.



An Expat Visit Home

25 July, 2013 10:42  Erin Erin

ebe milkshake  I just got back from a visit home- I mean "home", I mean my old home...

-erm, what do I mean?

A Northwest (USA) native, I now live in Berlin. From time to time, family and friends back in Seattle call and I happily return to the land of my origin...and delicious peanut butter chocolate milkshakes at Beth's.

Planning my visit back, I got tongue-tied trying to describe which way I was going when saying "home" - to Berlin or Seattle? After 4ish years abroad, a period repatriating back to Seattle, returning to expat life in Berlin, I am thoroughly confused about where home is



Gay Pride: An Expat Celebrates Berlin's Christopher Street Day

21 June, 2013 12:22  Erin Erin

rainbow flag As June draws to a close, so does the LGBT Pride Month. Commemorating the Stonewall riots in New York City of June 1969, the community has worked continually to promote equality. Pride events were established to bring attention to the cause and celebrations, parades, and demonstrations are now held around the world.

Earlier this year we covered the "Gay Rights Movement Around the World". There have been some exciting improvements this year such as legalized Same-Sex Marriage in New Zealand, France, Uruguay, Brazil (federal & several states), and several US States. However, there are still significant obstacles such as anti-LGBT laws with penalties that include fines, jail terms, or even death in different parts of the world. 



What is a Eurovision?

14 May, 2013 10:43  Erin Erin

While diligently watching television to improve my German skills - I saw it. A flash of international glitz and glamour, the biggest singing competition in the world is back. It's time for


What is a "Eurovision", you ask? That was exactly what I wondered when I first arrived in Europe and saw my first singing competition on steroids. The question is best answered by video clip...




Guess Who's Coming to Das Perfekte Dinner?

08 April, 2013 13:13  Erin Erin

 In last week's Expat chat with, Peter and I covered the story (and reactions)

"Do you have to learn German to live in Berlin?"

Berlin fountain fernsehturmI was embarrassed to reveal that my German, after 3ish years in Berlin, is still abysmal. Schlecht. Böse. Ungut. (I am 90% sure I am using at least one of those wrong.)

The story that sparked it all was Julie Colthorpe's piece in the EXBERLINER, "Sorry, no German!". As an expat who has spent the time and energy to learn the language, she was irritated at the lackluster attempts of some of her fellow expats - expats like me. She saves most her venom for those expats with a "blasé nonchalant attitude" to learning the language and especially the restaurant owners or servers who condone the all-English approach. While I don't completely understand her acidity - each person should be able to live their life as they like - her main point is a good one.

"Ultimately if you don’t learn German, you’re the one missing out. It’s a giant city out there, and you’re shrinking your life to an expat minimum."



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