Where to Watch the 2014 World Cup in Berlin

12 June, 2014 08:03  Erin Erin

Watch 2014 World Cup in BerlinA true turncoat to America and American football, I'll be rooting for the home team in the 2014 World Cup. In my case - that means the Nationalmannschaft (German team)!

I don't know how you could miss the lead-up, but for the uninitiated the 2014 World Cup starts today (June 12th, 2014). The opening game will be held in São Paulo at 17:00 (local time) which means 22:00 German time. Games will hop-scotch around Brazil until the finale on Sunday, July 13th. That means I am likely to find myself watching football (or fussball here in Germany) for the next month whether I like it or not.



For the Love of Football

28 September, 2012 12:15  Erin Erin

Seattle Seahawks football cheer

Have you heard that the regular refs are back to work in the NFL (National Football League)? If you aren't in the United States or an American abroad - you probably haven't. Why would you? While the love between Americans and their football is well documented, the sport is less well represented around the world. But here in Berlin, just hearing the iconic theme music of Monday night football gives me goosebumps.



Olympic Sized Complaints

10 August, 2012 10:51  Erin Erin

American TV watching

I've been hearing something from across the ocean. On Facebook and Twitter, from friends and family, from the news and the gossip columns... 

Americans hate the Olympic coverage.

This familiar complaint has come up at practically every Olympics, which makes it no less frustrating. The TV monopoly, delayed showings, heavy focus on American events, and issues with even online showings has had the populace particularly livid. A recent Gallup poll only made official what most people have been feeling,

"Gallup: People want Olympics televised live and in prime time"



7 Things That Are Wrong With USA Olympic Wear

27 July, 2012 10:59  Erin Erin

"What is that!?" was my first response at the unveiling of the official U.S. Opening Ceremony look. Designed by Ralph Lauren, these seem all wrong to me. Our 530 athletes will be appearing on July 27th in these: 

US Opening Ceremony Outfit



We are NOT the Champions

17 April, 2012 12:40  Erin Erin

The Olympics rapidly approach and while I expect my home country to be a powerful competitor (USA! USA! USA!), there is one popular event where we won't even compete. The United States men's national soccer team (Futball, Fussball, etc. for all you non-Americans) did not qualify for the 2012 Olympic Games. 

The Washington Postlogo for United States Soccer Federation - fair use/Wikipedia

"5th minute of added time: Johnson fails to secure Jaime Alas’s low, 30-yard bid. Unbelievable. El Salvador has drawn even in closing moments.

Full time: USA 3, El Salvador 3. Americans are out in the group stage. Salvadoran players with tears of joy — one of the great moments in the country’s soccer history. ES wins the group, Canada finishes second, USA is third."