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Gay Pride: An Expat Celebrates Berlin's Christopher Street Day

21 June, 2013 12:22  Erin Erin

rainbow flag As June draws to a close, so does the LGBT Pride Month. Commemorating the Stonewall riots in New York City of June 1969, the community has worked continually to promote equality. Pride events were established to bring attention to the cause and celebrations, parades, and demonstrations are now held around the world.

Earlier this year we covered the "Gay Rights Movement Around the World". There have been some exciting improvements this year such as legalized Same-Sex Marriage in New Zealand, France, Uruguay, Brazil (federal & several states), and several US States. However, there are still significant obstacles such as anti-LGBT laws with penalties that include fines, jail terms, or even death in different parts of the world. 



What is a Eurovision?

14 May, 2013 10:43  Erin Erin

While diligently watching television to improve my German skills - I saw it. A flash of international glitz and glamour, the biggest singing competition in the world is back. It's time for


What is a "Eurovision", you ask? That was exactly what I wondered when I first arrived in Europe and saw my first singing competition on steroids. The question is best answered by video clip...




Happy New Years from an American Expat!

31 December, 2012 15:01  Erin Erin

USA passport and the globe © thanh lam - Unsure of exactly where to start, I started the "American Expats" blog in February 2012 to highlight newsworthy moments of Americans abroad. Using the leaping off point of my fellow countrymen in the news, I offered up my experiences and findings while living abroad. An extension of our informational articles and guides on EasyExpat and partnered with our French language blog, Chroniques d'expatriation, we sought to offer a personal perspective to the life of an expat. I wrote,

"This blog will bring stories of American expats to the forefront. I will scout out stories in which Americans share the unique experiences that make up our immigrant life, discuss the difficulties of being away from "home" and other news stories concerning American policy".



German Christmas Markets: Magic or Marketing?

03 December, 2012 11:14  Erin Erin

Just in time for the opening of the German Christmas markets and the first advent, the Telegraph put out an article sure to dampen some holiday cheer.

German Christmas markets? They're not magical – just naff  

The core of the problem is that, with the exception of the “real” Christkindlmarkt in Nuremberg and a few other traditional ones like it, the Christmas markets elsewhere in Germany are no more an authentic local feature than the ones in the UK: they’re just money-making machines.

Christmas market Berlin



Thanksgiving in a Dive Bar in Berlin

23 November, 2012 10:05  Erin Erin

Sometimes you have that moment where you think, "How did I get here?"

Berlin Thanksgiving group

Last night, celebrating an expat Thanksgiving in our favorite dive bar in Berlin, was just such a moment. Thanksgiving is a family oriented holiday in the USA. What do you do when you've left your friends and family behind?



Expat Woes: I Miss Halloween

29 October, 2012 12:51  Erin Erin

Happy Halloween from Princess Peach & Super Mario!

halloween costume princess peach mario least that's what I said that Halloween.



Where Are My Sparklers?

09 July, 2012 17:04  Erin Erin

You wake up and know this day is special, but no one else does. Making breakfast, brushing your teeth, going to work... all these ordinary acts when it's supposed to be a holiday. Don't you Germans know-

It's 4th of JULY




Living Abroad on Mother's Day

23 May, 2012 13:18  Erin Erin

One of the difficulties of living abroad is that you are not just starting a new life, you're also leaving a life behind. That includes cultural norms, friends, and - above all - family. I was once again reminded of my abandonment on the second Sunday of May, Mother's Day (as celebrated in the United States).

What to get my mom? What she wants - spending time with me - used to be the easiest gift. Now that this gift is unattainable, I need to get more creative.

Possible Mother's Day gifts from abroad:

  • Phone Call - The next best thing to being there is to hear your voice. Inexpensive, and easy to do.
  • Flowers Delivery - Always a nice touch, this allowa her to show off a bit at work.
  • Visit - The best gift is a visit from you. 



May Day in Berlin and Beyond

02 May, 2012 14:50  Erin Erin

may day berlin

May Day didn't have any meaning for me in the States. If pressed, the only thing that would come to mind is the May pole with happy villagers dancing around it. Ribbons and flowers and all that nonsense.