Guess Who's Coming to Das Perfekte Dinner?

08 April, 2013 13:13  Erin Erin

 In last week's Expat chat with ExpatsRadio.com, Peter and I covered the story (and reactions)

"Do you have to learn German to live in Berlin?"

Berlin fountain fernsehturmI was embarrassed to reveal that my German, after 3ish years in Berlin, is still abysmal. Schlecht. Böse. Ungut. (I am 90% sure I am using at least one of those wrong.)

The story that sparked it all was Julie Colthorpe's piece in the EXBERLINER, "Sorry, no German!". As an expat who has spent the time and energy to learn the language, she was irritated at the lackluster attempts of some of her fellow expats - expats like me. She saves most her venom for those expats with a "blasé nonchalant attitude" to learning the language and especially the restaurant owners or servers who condone the all-English approach. While I don't completely understand her acidity - each person should be able to live their life as they like - her main point is a good one.

"Ultimately if you don’t learn German, you’re the one missing out. It’s a giant city out there, and you’re shrinking your life to an expat minimum."



Expat Travels on Video

20 September, 2012 15:14  Erin Erin

This is less news and more announcement, but BlogExpat is now working on a series of expat videos! Check out our new Channel:

Channel BlogExpat

 I am excited to highlight travels, share information and inspiration in travel and expat life. Our first videos are of a Christmas trip to the infinity attractive Paris:  




American Export: the Jersey Shore

31 May, 2012 13:41  Erin Erin

Jersey ShoreThere are many reasons Americans are viewed unfavorably abroad. The export of the reality television show "The Jersey Shore" can't be helping.

The series began by following the lives of eight housemates at the Jersey Shore in the United States. It's unprecedented popularity surprised everyone. The show was immersed in controversy regarding it's depiction of Italian-American stereotypes, pointless cycle of GTL (gym, tan, laundry) and endless binge drinking. It is possibly one of the tackiest things that has ever made it onto the small screen.

I say all this as if I didn't watch it. I did. It was hard to look away, a stuptifyingly stupid soap opera drama. Apparently, I am far from alone. Dubbed a "cultural phenomenon" the series has garnered record ratings for MTV. It is the network's most viewed series telecast ever with around 9 million viewers tuning into the show. As season 5 is set to start with the promise of at least one more season, Jersey Shore seems unstoppable.