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01 September, 2014 11:43  Erin Erin

Berlin latest blog postsCan I brag about a new feature on BlogExpat for a minute?

When I first moved abroad, I made no effort to research expat blogs. Blindly, I stumbled my way through my new life in Berlin. But my work with EasyExpat & BlogExpat clarified how helpful reading about other expat's experiences can be. These are people who have been there, done that, survived and are sharing their advice.

To make these stories easier to find than ever, we have implemented a new tool for you to find the latest posts in your area! Now you can discover relevant expat blogs and their most recent posts by clicking on the "Latest post" tab.

For example, when I click on Berlin's expat blogs I find:

I love this. I know that there is so much hapening in this city and while I can't do it all,  I can read about my fellow expat's adventures and horde their best tips for myself. Start exploring your area now!

And don't forget to explore the rest of what BlogExpat has to offer. In addition to the extensive directory of blogs from around the world (searchable by location, category, language - English, Deutsch, Españo, Français, and Italiano - or date submitted) you can vote for your favorites.

We share some of their best work in our expat interviews, expat author interviews, twitter round-up and articles. If you would like to be featured, register your expat or travel blog now and participate to our expat forums!


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