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An Expat Visit Home

25 July, 2013 10:42  Erin Erin

ebe milkshake  I just got back from a visit home- I mean "home", I mean my old home...

-erm, what do I mean?

A Northwest (USA) native, I now live in Berlin. From time to time, family and friends back in Seattle call and I happily return to the land of my origin...and delicious peanut butter chocolate milkshakes at Beth's.

Planning my visit back, I got tongue-tied trying to describe which way I was going when saying "home" - to Berlin or Seattle? After 4ish years abroad, a period repatriating back to Seattle, returning to expat life in Berlin, I am thoroughly confused about where home is

My parents still live in the house I grew up in and the only place I have ever lived besides Washington State is in Berlin. I know some expats have lived upwards of 5, 10, 15 or even 20 places! I read their blogs and interviews (check out Life in the Fast Lane, Educated Abroad & Defining Moves) and I can't picture leaving a little bit of me behind in each place. I already feel split in two deciding between my dueling home bases. It's funny - being an expat. You are never completely home again, are you?

Shortly before my trip, I saw a tweet that rang true deep in my expat heart.

This question has again been brought to the forefront - not just by my recent visit - but in the popular series of Ted Talks. Writer Pico Iyer presented a discussion on "Where is home?"

He starts his talk with one of the most common questions among expat introductions,

"Where do you come from?"

But for him, like so many expats and travelers, the answer is much more complicated than one geographic place. He has three or four “origins” and questions whether the place you are from is genealogical, by birth, taxes, passport and visas, where you are now...or what?

He notes that children of today are more multicultural and in the future, or even today, it is up to us to choose our home rather than be given it. It is up to us to create our own sense of community.

The expat population of the world is surprisingly large. In a recent infograph, we posted that the total number of expats is somewhere in excess of 230 Million. If all the expats around the globe were to form an imaginary country, it would be the 5th most populous country in the world!

Whether we are calling Egypt or Finland or Brazil home (or home for now), perhaps we are the people of the future. Maybe my whole problem is just my perception of the situation. Instead of just one home, I have two.


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Where do you call home, or is that a complicated answer? Share your thoughts, feeling or observations here in the comment section. 



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Home [Reply]

Plus - - - you will always be welcomed home when you return to us from your travels and your "other" home.

~ cheryl mendenhall   28 Jul 2013, 01:42


I can relate to this a lot! :) I blogged about the concept of home while living somewhere else too. I guess there can be two homes, in our case. is the blog entry on my thoughts about home. :D

Interesting post!

  Gail Monique Mallo   30 Jul 2013, 08:03

Where is home? [Reply]

I think about this constantly! I'm a Scot who's been living in Barcelona for two a half years, and still hesitate when talking to my parents before referring to Barcelona as 'home'. I'm starting to find I have two different personalities as well...the Spanish one seems to leave people back in Scotland a little stunned, while the Scottish one comes off as formal to the Spaniards. To hug someone hello or just shake their hand?

  Julie Sheridan   05 Aug 2013, 08:08

Home [Reply]

Interesting topic! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

As one who has traveled and moved around a lot, I've come to realize that home is state of mind, someplace deep inside ourselves. It is possible to feel at home in a place you've set foot in for the first time.

Best wishes to you,

  Bellanda   23 Aug 2013, 09:08