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Expat Travels on Video

20 September, 2012 15:14  Erin Erin

This is less news and more announcement, but BlogExpat is now working on a series of expat videos! Check out our new Channel:

Channel BlogExpat

 I am excited to highlight travels, share information and inspiration in travel and expat life. Our first videos are of a Christmas trip to the infinity attractive Paris:  



And another of Paris Disneyland.


And eating in Berlin:


Hopefully these first attempts at least amuse. But even better, we would love to have your feedback on what you want to see. Travels? Humor? Comparisons? Let us know! Also, if you have videos of expat life that you would like to share we would love to promote them. Send submissions to erin@easyexpat.com and we will promtoe your video as we grow our collection of videos and provide listings for our favorite videos of the month.

Sharing our adventures can re-ignite the excitement of expat life and make the challenges more manageable. It's amazing the amount of things that are the same...and astonishing the things that are different. 



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