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New Blog: American Expats

15 February, 2012 15:18  Erin Erin

USA passport and the globe © thanh lam - Fotolia.comAmericans can be a noisy bunch and that includes when we are abroad. As a Seattle expat living in Berlin, I pay particular attention to my countrymen popping up in the news. And we do. Americans abroad recount their experience in the Japan earthquake, tax lawyer explaining the financial ramifications of expatriating, and organizing political campaigns abroad.

This blog will bring stories of American expats to the forefront. I will scout out stories in which Americans share the unique experiences that make up our immigrant life, discuss the difficulties of being away from "home" and other context for news stories concerning American policy.

I hope you will join me in discussion of these posts and offer your feedback and comments. Please feel free to share your stories or items of interest as we follow American Expats in the News.


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